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It took some digging, but Agents Toni and Ted have finally shut the case on Pricefx. The evidence is clear—when it comes to managing both sides of the margin equation, PROS is unsurpassable in its ability to help businesses optimize profits by balancing price and cost.

The PIA is releasing this evidence to the public in the hopes that it will help them uncover the best-kept secret to profitable growth. Check their findings below to discover what Pricefx was saying―and what’s really true.

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Ease of Use

According to an independent peer-to-peer review site, G2’s User Satisfaction Ratings, Pricefx comes well ahead of PROS in terms of how easy our software is to use. We scored 74% for ease of setup (compared to PROS 42%) and 74% for ease of admin (to PROS 51%). We beat PROS by 13% for ease of use (with a whopping 80%), and our configuration ease of admin did well, too, 23% higher than PROS.

Pricefx has been designed with ease of use and self-sufficiency in mind. It is our goal that, once your solution is up and running, your team can take full ownership. With flexibility at our core, our solution allows you to make changes on the fly and view results by dragging and dropping attributes back and forth. We also provide extensive training that will empower your staff to spend more time working pricing magic and less time on the phone to customer support.

Source: Pricefx blog post.

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Solving Business Problems

“If you’re only looking for a solution that delivers great price optimization  tools, then consider PROS, because of its sophisticated segmentation engine and ability to create meaningful predictive segments. PROS also has a CPQ tool to support the sales process.

If you’re in need of a more comprehensive solution that can help you not just manage and optimize prices, but also bring together powerful analytics, CPQ capabilities, strong multi-agent AI-driven price optimization, and excellent rebate and channel management tools, then only Pricefx will deliver. In addition to this, if you need to frequently update your segmentation, or have a dynamic business environment, Pricefx’s superior optimization management tools may be for you.”

Source: Pricefx blog post.

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Time to Value

“According to G2, Pricefx comes out on top when it comes to ROI, with customers seeing return on investment on average within 16 months of implementation. That average is 23 months with PROS. 

30% of our customers see ROI within just 6 months. That compares to 0% for PROS and just 36% in 12 months (against our 56% inside a year).

Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that we get customers live and kicking on average two months sooner that PROS can. 5% of our customers are live in under a day, and 10% within a month. The earliest you’ll be live with PROS is 1-3 months with an average of 8 months.”

Source: Pricefx blog post.

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PROS delivers over 100 pre-built connectors for the most common data sources and formats and aggregates data into a consistent format to ensure integration with its solutions. It claims that its customers cut integration costs by 50% and integration timelines by 75%.

Pricefx software is designed to seamlessly integrate with any of your systems, like your ERP, SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, IBM AS/400 and more… or any combination of them. So, if you’re leveraging multiple business systems across many markets with diverse customer bases and large product lists, then the integration capabilities of Pricefx are exactly what you need.

Additionally, Pricefx can easily and quickly import widely disparate data sets and incorporate them into your pricing. With a 360° view of your pricing environment (customer, competitor, market) and more data such as such as competitive pricing or customer sentiment data from social media at your disposal, you’re in a better position to make smart pricing decisions.

Source: Pricefx blog post.

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Data Science

PROS takes the lead in gen-one science capabilities as they have a more sophisticated segmentation engine (science algorithm). Their gen-one approach enables them to combine attributes and the partitions between those attributes to create very meaningful predictive segments. They also have a better way of calculating guidance values (e.g. stretch, target, and floor). 

Our lack of focus at Pricefx on gen-one science has to do with our all-out passion for gen-two science…

Source: Pricefx blog post.

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PROS says they offer AI price recommendation capabilities, with a focus on helping you to assess the magnitude of your price optimization, gain visibility of your attribute and peer groups for each price recommendation and visualize what is going on behind the scenes. 

While gen-one data science optimizes each of your elements in isolation, gen-two price optimization is able to bring all of those elements into clear focus at the same time. 

Pricefx uses a multi-agent-AI approach to price optimization which takes the entire waterfall into account to make more holistically intelligent recommendations. It can look at all elements of your waterfall (price, discount, promotion, rebate, or a combination) and optimize each of them simultaneously based on your KPIs (revenue, volume, margin, or a combination). It can also recommend nuanced price changes that take customer willingness to pay into account.

Our Bijou 7.0 Market Simulation offering elevates your pricing from the tactical to the strategic with a sandbox inside which you can test out WHAT IF scenarios to truly understand the impact a price or pricing strategy will have on your business (including estimated competitive reaction), without the fallout. So, you can basically use science to guess your customers’ reaction to a price before it ever enters the market.

Pricefx is the only pricing solution on the market with a ready-to go AI price optimization offering, so we sweep the board with this one.

If you’re interested in being able to test your pricing strategies in a sandbox for accurate market, customer, and competitor predictions, you can learn more in our article Pricing in Alignment with Key Business Objectives Using Market Simulation.

Source: Pricefx blog post.

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Pricefx is a true SaaS next-gen 360° solution comprising a suite of fully integrated tools built as one platform that enables you to price better at every stage of the pricing process. 

Our Plan package brings insights into your customer and sales data, increases transparency across the entire price waterfall and accelerates your time to pricing excellence.

The Price package leverages AI-powered price optimization and helps you eliminate margin leakage by gaining oversight of your contract management and promotion campaigns.

And our Profit package helps you quickly create quotes and maximize profitability; to define, calculate and execute rebates with ease; and automate ship & debit processes.

PROS offers a range of tools designed to meet the needs of pricing, sales, and e-commerce teams. As its capabilities were purchased and combined (rather than built as one platform) it is not what we might consider true SaaS, but the integrated solutions it offers include: 

Sales Opportunity Insights

Product and Service Configurations

Streamlined Sales Agreements

Robust Product Catalogs

Omnichannel Price Management

Performance Quoting

Customer Specific Price Optimization

Real-time Price Delivery

So, while PROS places its focus on price optimization & management and CPQ, Pricefx offers solutions for every aspect of the pricing process – from analytics and CPQ to rebate and channel management.

Source: Pricefx blog post.

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PROS places a strong focus on the Airline and Travel industry, but also often works with companies in the Automotive, Consumer Goods, Distribution, Energy & Chemicals, Food & Consumables, Insurance, Manufacturing, Medical Devices & Healthcare, Services, Technology Hardware & Software, and Transportation & Logistics industries.

Pricefx places its industry focus on Discrete Manufacturing, Chemical and Process Industry, Distribution, Food and Beverage, and Retail, with Airline soon to be added to the mix. While we produce content that speaks specifically to audiences in these industries, it is our firm belief that our pricing software is industry agnostic. It was designed to be. That’s how we can offer such flexibility and superb configuration. 

In fact, our Plasma™ offering (the pricing industry’s first big data insights machine) gives you access to reliable quantitative industry benchmarks against which to compare your performance and to identify market trends, no matter your industry.

Source: Pricefx blog post.

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