How PROS delivers for distributors

In our 35 years of operation, we’ve delivered transformative results for some of the world’s top Distribution companies.

*Why the secrecy? PROS is The CFO’s Best-Kept Secret for Profitable Growth™, and some customers prefer to remain anonymous so they can protect their competitive advantage—but we can let you in on some of their secrets.

The proof is in the ROI

Why should you consider optimizing your pricing practices?

A B2C-like buyer experience

Offer B2B buyers a B2C-like purchasing experience across sales channels with fast and transparent service that boosts customer satisfaction and helps increase their lifetime value.

Streamlined end-to-end selling processes

Get quotes out the door quickly with automated quoting, agreements, and contracting. Send opportunity insights to sales reps with AI-powered pricing guidance and reduce sales cycles with preapproved prices.

Real-time dynamic pricing

Leverage AI and machine learning (ML) to calculate, update, and manage price lists for up to thousands of SKUs. Put your most profitable price forward and automatically adjust to real-time inventory counts, fuel costs, and other external factors that can chip away at margins.

Reduced margin leakage

Keep tabs on fluctuating materials costs, eliminate overdiscounting, introduce new revenue streams, and maintain competitive market pricing to improve win rates and grow profits.

The link between technology and profits

In distribution, sales processes have been slow to adapt to digital transformation. The result is razor-thin margins, missed revenue opportunities, long quote turnarounds, and an inability to move with a consistently fluctuating market.

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PROS: the strategic partner for profitable growth

Our AI-powered Pricing and Quoting solutions have helped distributors around the globe accelerate speed to market, improve efficiency, and increase win rates.

Trusted by the best in the business

Prioritizing data protection

Processing so much data requires a high standard for cybersecurity. Our world-class team of security experts ensures the highest level of data security so our customers can focus on growing profits without interruptions.

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (“CEH”)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (“CISM”)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (“CISSP”)
  • GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (“GCIA”)
  • GIAC Certified Systems and Network Auditor (“GSNA”)