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Let’s show them how the PROS do It.

The Profit Intelligence Agency is a top secret agency committed to evaluate and analyze profit optimization software. We’re constantly on the lookout for companies of interest that have an unfair advantage over the competition.

Double Agent and the Book of Secrets

When a company uses a profit optimization software to help companies deliver profitable growth, a profit intelligence agency seeks to uncover their best-kept secret. Discover the full story on this video.

Company of Interest


The latest organization on our radar is the profit optimization company, PROS. They have somehow managed to create a software that solves both sides of the margin equation. Price and Cost.

PROS Smart CPQ with AI-driven pricing in the configure, price, quote workflow is an unbeatable combination in how it enables real-time price optimization.

If you have any information about how PROS is consistently impacting both the cost and price side of the margin equation, you are encouraged to contact one of our agents.

PIA Agent Spotlight

“The Agents in Green”

Agent Gadot

Gadot is a mysterious agent working undercover to find the best-kept secret.

Agent Ted Hall

Ted is a 21 year veteran of the Profit Intelligence Agency, specialized in companies of interest.

Agent Toni Fisher

The brains moving the needle of the PIA evidence wall to help identify profitable companies.

The Interrogation

One of our top agents recently interrogated some of the executives of PROS to get answers and learn more about the CFO’s Best-kept Secret for Profitable Growth.

Toni deciphers all QR codes.

History of the PIA

The Profit Intelligence Agency was founded in the 1930s by a classified society seeking to uncover innovative organizations that will change the world.

PIA has evolved into a highly sophisticated agency that uses AI to track and decipher hidden code within Smart CPQ companies.

This is just the beginning!

Agent TED smells profitability a mile away.

Making the Case

The Profit Intelligence Agency is hot on the trail of PROS: the best-kept secret for profitable growth. But with such an amazing story, can our CMO Grad Conn keep that secret to himself? Or will he break under pressure and spill it all? With Operation P-Hawk in full swing, here’s what the PIA has discovered…

Legal Disclaimer: The Profit Intelligence Agency is a made-up entity and is in no way meant to resemble an existing law enforcement agency. This website is for entertainment and marketing purposes only.